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How to maintenance the pipe machine efficiently?
Date:2016-01-08 11:34:44


Welding pipe machines produced by our company are widely used in this industry and developed rapidly. Today let’s concern more about related technical features.
Welding pipe machine is widely used because of its advantage. Welding pipe machine is developing so rapid recently, so the quality is the main point to win the market, and the quality is guarantee by daily commissioning and maintenance. How to maintenance and commission the pipe machine daily?
Generally, the operation of welding pipe machine must follow the related safety operation specification. The operator could not touch the moulds when the machine is running, and hands should only be placed at the running-out pipe direction to avoid danger. In additional, each lubricating points should be checked carefully to ensure each point is lubricated so that the pipe machine can run normally. Synthetic complex aluminium base grease should be used to lubricate which can stand high temperature, then the pipe machine can avoid damage.
Meanwhile, the check valve of flying saw should be adjusted, flying saw car should keep pace with pipe producing speed, so that the saw blades can be avoided of worn out.
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