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Industry standards for welding pipe machine in the market
Date:2015-12-28 11:45:08

 For current construction industry, welding pipe machine is indispensable. While there are complicated varied topography and surroundings, the standards are quite different. For construction industry, what standards for welding pipe machine? Let’s talk more about it.
The first one is GB/T12770-1991. It is for stainless steel welding pipe. It is widely used in industries such as machinery, automobiles, bicycles, furniture, hotels, restaurants, also for machinery accessories and structural parts.
The second one is GB/T12771-1991, it is for stainless steel welding pipe used for fluid transferring, and the medium is low pressure and corrosive.
Welding pipe machine is one of the most widely used products in current construction industry. The quality index is different because of different surroundings and locations. What standards for welding pipe machine?
Besides, GB/T3091-1993 is standard for low pressure fluid transfer galvanized welding pipes, mainly for water, gas, air, oil, heating hot water, steam and so on.
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